Soco Hotel and St. Matthias Church Barbados Wedding: Kimberely and Addison

My sister told me about a doctor she was working with – that he reminded her so much of our brother. His extremely polite demeanor, his humor, and his ever apparent intelligence. One day I received a wedding inquiry from someone with the same name – and sure enough, it was Addison. 

Then I met his fiancee. It wasn’t enough that Addison was such a kind soul, but so was Kimberley. Her smile radiated the room we first chatted in, and the warmth and sunshine extended into their wedding day. 

We woke up that Saturday morning to an angry storm, and when I arrived at her house, I simply hugged her because I could only imagine her anxiety. I assured her that no matter what, in mere hours she would be Mrs. St. John, and there came back that smile. 

When we reached St. Matthias Church, I got out of the car and went into the Church. She shouted through the window if I had seen her groom “Yes, I said, and he’s waiting for you”. 

I could see all nervousness slipping away. She was about to get married. 

And no rain was going to stop it. 

It was an honor to document this day for you.

Much Love,
Aniya, xx

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