Atlantis Hotel Barbados Wedding: Val + Matt

His friends told him all about her – that she was a business woman, great at what she does, completely off the charts fun, and a killer surfer. (Believe me, I’ve seen her out there for years, and she is the AH-MAZING!). On a snowy night in Montreal, he picked her up and they went for drinks in a little bar near her house. There and then, the conversation that would start the rest of their lives took place.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

To be asked to photograph a wedding is amazing.. To be asked to travel to the wedding is almost the cherry on the cake - who doesn't love to work and travel?  To be asked, to photograph the person who has been with you side by side since you were 10 years old.. well that's just priceless.

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Wedding simplicity

There’s nothing more beautiful than simplicity.

I’ve seen (and had) weddings where things go crazy, get out of control, families fight over money, guests lists, alcohol, the cake, the menu – and not to mention the photography: pages of poses, the must have shots – in this tornado of completely unnecessary “stuff” (in the end, it is just stuff ), what’s really important gets totally neglected.

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Fisher Pot Barbados Lifestyle Family Session: The Roberts Family

I photograph a ton of families, and with each one I meet, I feel so honored to have been welcomed into their lives. This family was particularly special. There was something electric about them. Perhaps it was that from the moment we met, each member of this fabulous family had a smile on their face. Maybe it was their willingness to do just about anything. Maybe it was their connection that the little girls had with each other – even though they were cousins, they acted like sisters.

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Bathsheba Barbados Lifestyle Family Session: The Tausig Family

If there ever was little girl with a curl right in the middle of her forehead, it was her. When she was good she was very very good, and when she was getting flipped around, she was even better. I know these aren’t the words, but this is how i felt about my little subject. And to add to her pure awesome-ness, was the family around her.

They laughed, I laughed.. we laughed.. Waves crashed on them – mom even said “this is not how I saw the session going down in my head”.. and in my head, I secretly smiled.

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