Copacabana Beach Club Barbados Wedding

Copacabana Beach Club Barbados Wedding

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Copacabana Beach Club Barbados Wedding

There is something special about every couple I work with. Every. Single. One.

But then there’s that little something extra you can’t quite put your hands-on in the beginning, but then as you get to know them more and more, it becomes blindingly obvious what it is. That at the heart of it all, they are honest-to-goodness-just-good-people.

Jodi and Brad, along with their incredible family and friends pulled off one of the most beautiful weddings. What made it so wonderful was that everyone had a hand in creating the day. From the table decor to the arch at Copacabana, no detail was left unnoticed, and it was all made from love.

That’s what this wedding was. A testament to family, friends, and most importantly, to love.

Thank you, Jodi and Brad, your wedding will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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