Cherry Tree Hill, Cattlewash Barbados Session: One Awesome Crew

Sometimes magical things happen. 

I could see the love in this family. It was as obvious as it was fun, free and completely unconditional. There was a special bond between every member of this family, and whats more, something special between the kids and their partners. The parents drove with me along the beautiful East Coast of Barbados from Cherry Tree Hill to the moody, secluded shores of Cattlewash. We talked about life, love and travels.. They were seriously good people. 

Mere hours after this session, there was a proposal. I couldn’t believe it – well actually, I could. Their adoration for each other, his protection of her, they way he looked at her, they way she lit up when he came running to her, it was clear. 

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me into your lives to document this moment. 

Till next time. 

Stay Awesome,
Aniya, xx

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