Cattlewash Barbados One Hour Documentary Family Photography Session: The Tabolt Family

The skype call was ringing and as soon as it said “connected”, there was a huge smile on the other end. Erin had the most infectious grins I had ever seen. I spoke to her and her mom as we discussed their documentary session during their vacation here in Barbados. One thing that they emphasized, was their love for dancing. I don’t think I could have been happier when I read this (coming from a girl who has “dance like no one is watching tattooed on her arm!). 

When we met on the east coast of Barbados, the rough seas and salty air were so welcoming, we started to play immediately. There was no end of love, connections, kissing and adoration happening – you’ll see. 

Of course, we finished with dance off.. And we all won. 

Stay Awesome,
Aniya, xx

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