Cattlewash Barbados Engagement Session: Kayla and Cliff

We exchanged emails for a few months before we chatted on the phone about their engagement session. From the moment I said “Hi, this is Aniya!”, it was like we were old friends chatting. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

And then I met them one Friday evening on the beautiful East Coast of Barbados. The sunset was sublime and even though the shores were pretty much covered in sargassum, it added such rustic texture to the images, I wouldn’t have changed it. 

Then Kayla and Cliff walked out of the car, bottle of rum in hand, a few glasses and they were ready to rock. Its no secret that I often suggest to my clients to have a drink before a session to ease any stress they may have, and they got the message loud and clear! They were ready! 

Before we started, they had a glass of the classic rum and coke, and things started shaking up! 

I have never seen a couple to open about their love for each other, it was not only inspiring, it was simply beautiful. The admiration he had for her, the abject love she had for him, and they didn’t give a hoot who was around, they were going to love.. Loud. 

I cannot wait to document their wedding in December. If its anything like today, I know amazing things are in store. 

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