Atlantis Hotel Barbados Wedding: Val + Matt

His friends told him all about her – that she was a business woman, great at what she does, completely off the charts fun, and a killer surfer. (Believe me, I’ve seen her out there for years, and she is the AH-MAZING!). On a snowy night in Montreal, he picked her up and they went for drinks in a little bar near her house. There and then, the conversation that would start the rest of their lives took place.

From traveling to scuba diving and surfing, they knew this was it. They’ve traveled the world together, and have had a road full of adventures. And this is just the beginning. As their family grows, including a little peanut in her tummy, so does their absolute love for each other.

Over looking the ocean at the beautiful ATLANTIS HOTEL in Bathsheba, Val walked down the aisle with her mom and dad on either side. She met a watery-eyed Matt, and their ridiculously sweet son, Benjamin at the alter with 50 of their friends and family joining in. This day was not only inspiring, but electrifying. You couldn’t help but cry, laugh and even dance.

It was an honor and privilege to photograph their wedding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cheers to you! This is just the beginning!

Big Hugs,
Aniya, xx

The ingredients for this AWESOME Wedding include:
Hair and Makeup: Sarah Young from ELEMENTS SPA

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