We are so absolutely thrilled we found Aniya, she’s an incredibly talented photographer, so professional and lovely. We had a panic moment a couple of weeks before our wedding as we weren’t sure about the photographer we had been recommended by the hotel (it just didn’t feel right!) and we couldn’t believe our luck when Aniya, who’s amazing website we had bumped into, told us she could document our wedding...Planning a wedding in the Caribbean from the UK can be tricky, you have to trust everyone and hope it all goes well. Aniya’s documentary style is very real, she plays with the light and captures everyone looking their best in a non-staged way. Her very relaxed approach makes a huge difference: from our Skype call before the wedding to her punctuality and coolness on the wedding day, Aniya and Matteo, her husband and second shooter, made us all feel comfortable and blended in with everyone. We were sad to say good bye at the end of the night, they really are an awesome couple! When we got our photos a couple of weeks later, we were so emotional... the pictures are better than we could have imagined, these are photos we will hopefully be showing to our friends and family for the rest of our lives and we feel very blessed Aniya documented our big day in such a beautiful way.
— Monica and Matt
Aniya’s portfolio speaks volumes! We knew we had made the perfect choice after studying her work and connecting with her over skype. First impression is everything!

My husband and I are picky (in a good way – trust me). A superb photographer was the most important thing on our vendor list, especially as we had planned a colourful and creative wedding with many of our guests were going to be travelling to Barbados to celebrate with us. Aniya is a natural talent, and her ultra-pleasant personality is like icing on the cake.

Though we were oceans apart, connecting with Aniya through Email, WhatsApp and Skype were a breeze. She really enjoys getting to know her clients and you’ll later understand why she asks you the questions she asks.

Aniya was never quick to say no to our crazy ideas, and she was never shy to offer suggestions to help make our wedding photo experience and final images, every bit better. We really appreciated that!

We will forever be in awe at our wedding and engagement photos. Our guests, family and friends can’t stop talking simply because her documentary-style of capturing moments really takes you back – and if you weren’t there you can easily connect and interpret each image.

To say that Aniya goes above and beyond is to put it simply. She is a star, and she was our lucky star! We’ve got SOLID proof!
— Mahlet and Aaron
Incredibly talented photographer who was also remarkably professional, kind, generous and engaging. Her photos brought my parents to tears, and are treasures we will cherish for a lifetime. Highly recommended!
— Jamilah
A truly unique and amazing experience to work with some a professional photographer and her team. Aniya photographed my family when we had our newborn son and then again for our wedding. WOW! We have an amazing collection of memories that really documented us, our love, our family, our friends and the celebration. I cried when I saw what she had captured. I’m forever grateful to you Aniya.
— Kathryn Walters
The best of our THREE sessions with you was us on the beach just letting our son play to get the natural shots! And also in the house (for our daughter’s newborn session) it was the same! The best part was how you let our very eager and budding photographer (our 5 year old) take photos of you while you were working! We had our first two sessions just when you were starting out, but after our very session it was clear it was well worth it to get more done with you!
— Emma + Ben
I was worried about whether we would be happy with the photos. We were thrilled with them, love them all and now have the challenging tasks of choosing the photos- we really, really, REALLY love them ALL! Choosing the locations was awesome, as well as your interactions with each of us individually and then in our family groupings as well. Your easy, laid back accommodating manner even resulted in Quinn dropping his guard and being at ease in front of the camera. I feel more excited about having family photos taken and will definitely have a follow-up session with Aniya in the future.
— Sam + Roddy
Your photographs by far surpassed my expectations!!! Best family photos ever!!
— Janine
Aniya is an artist in the truest sense of the word- and a consummate professional at that. From the moment that we decided to shoot our family, she was a passionate participant and advisor through every stage of our journey. The special think about Aniya is her commitment to the belief that photography is more than just a snapshot or an image, but an emotionally driven time capsule- I had never felt so strongly about the significance of our family photos before I met her. From the pre-consultation and her genuine interest in getting to know us and our kids to the post-session follow up, and her invaluable assistance in deciding on what pieces we should choose for our walls- this was the most unique and extraordinary bonding experience that my family has ever had.
— Michael
I loved your energy! Even when I felt tired (as I did at the end of the wedding day), you made me want to give that much extra for the photos.

You are easy-going and fun to deal with! Obviously, I knew this after 25 years, but photograph-taking can be such a chore sometimes, pose here, do this, laugh now, but you made it easy, fun and unexpected and...hold on, very unique in fact! I absolutely LOVED the finished product- that kind of goes without saying, but you have to know it is by far our most treasured wedding gift! We do wish you have been here for the pregnancy and birth of the little gingerbread, Sofia Mae.
— Danielle + Adam
We can’t thank you enough for providing us the privilege to live and relive our wedding day every time we wish to, just by looking at your pictures. They are so honest and true, it makes them so touching.

And now, the service you offered us:

You prepared for the day, asked us questions, what was important for us, and really tried to get to know us better (which probably gives you the eye to take such authentic pictures).

Then, on the wedding day, you were always there, taking pictures of every little detail (even Matt and I holding hands under the table at dinner) but we completely forgot that you were there.

The fact that we forgot that you were there gave us the opportunity to be completely us, not posing, and speaks in your pictures.

It gave us the opportunity to truly live our special day, having fun, laughing, crying and dancing without thinking of being photographed.

And then, as it was not enough, you provided us a preview of our pictures only 6 days after the wedding, and our full gallery 2 weeks after the wedding. I never imagined it would be quick. And it is so appreciated because it has more impact when you just lived it, than months after.

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your art and your professionalism.
— Val + Matt
The biggest concern I had before hiring you is that my family isn’t really the “sit and pose” type so I was a bit concerned that it might get awkward taking pictures that were staged but thankfully you really weren’t into that either!

The favorite part of the session was how you befriended our wicked little girl with her favorite treats and had her happily marching around when you needed her. I’ve already recommended you! I said, ‘Aniya is the best and takes pictures that reflect what is really going down in your life...not a sit and smile at the camera and feel totally weird type of session- just the real deal.’ I had some reservations at first- it’s not cheap! I figured I could always get the cheapest package after...but once I saw the images, I wanted to spend for the best package!
— Lea + James
We really enjoyed the care taken and the attention to details by Aniya. She was just amazing!! Anyone who experience what my and my family did with you will be thoroughly happy!
— Simone + Damian
We had a great experience with Aniya- It was a lot of fun having the session at the beach with the family. She provided a great level of communication, she helped us find displays that fit our style and home.
— Cecilia
Aniya listened to what we wanted. Very easy-going and accommodating. Our overall experience was fantastic! We have beautiful black and white pictures from our session. My family enjoyed the session, which isn’t always easy with 2 teenagers! Love my large black and canvas. Stunning!
— Kimara
Aniya’s ability to make us relaxed, the variety of poses and helpful suggestions to get great natural and posed shots. Aniya has a great eye to get unusual and beautiful shots. You’ll have a fun time and beautiful memories to last you forever.
— Nathalie
Aniya is very professional and thorough. Photos turned out amazing and I love the photo website, which makes downloading the pictures easy. {It} could not have been better! You are an amazing photographer, Aniya, and also a very nice person. It was a pleasure having you photograph our wedding, and I will recommend you for sure! XO
— Vanessa
Aniya! You are fantastic! We weren’t too sure about the location at first, but you said ‘trust me,” and we’re so glad we did! She knew exactly what my boys would love. I was really nervous that it would be an awkward experience, but she provided a really relaxed atmosphere; no stress; very laid back; professional; extremely creative; unique perspective; and wonderful with kids. I was so impressed. It really was a wonderful experience working with Aniya. She is a phenomenal photographer.
— Tamara
She is a breath of fresh air and a joy to work with. Her style is unconventional and relaxed. She captures the moment rather than a posed look. What a wonderful experience. The photos are exquisite, so much so it’s hard to decide which to frame. Thank you for making our memories last a lifetime.
— Andre
We enjoyed the development of the session- it was fun and the location was perfect! Thank you, Aniya, for making the family session possible. You are a very talented photographer and very well organized. The passion you put into your work is reflected in the quality of work.
— Rosi
I didn’t have any concerns going into the photoshoot! I already knew that you are a great person and an excellent photographer so I was quite happy to trust you with our family photos! My main concern was that there may be some awkwardness having Mom’s new partner in our family photos for the first time, but you made everyone feel very comfortable and the whole session went smoothly. My favourite part was how much we laughed! Everyone was relaxed and joking around, which was great!! Aniya is an extremely talented photographer who does an excellent job of capturing candid moments. Her photography style is very “natural” and she does a great job of creating a relaxed atmosphere.
— The Coleman Family
I’ve never done a photo shoot before and neither had any of my family so I really did not know what to expect. I was worried about feeling awkward or my kids and husband not really wanting to take part and the photo’s capturing that feeling. I also don’t think I am very photogenic and I was worried about paying lots of money to have photo’s done that I hated they way I looked in them. My husband hates posing and so I was concerned that he would just rebel all together and not take part.

My husband really didn’t want to do it, and I had to strong arm him into going. There were many tears on my part which is not what you want prior to having your photo taken. Aniya was fab and even offered to reschedule but we didn’t have the time and anyway I had gotten my toes, eyebrows and hair done….

When we got there Aniya was amazing at first putting my husband at ease. There was no rushing to set up scenes or strike poses, there were no posing at all, well except a shot with my daughter and that was more position her in the right place to the landscape and she was so friendly that my husband relaxed a lot. And then we basically went for a walk in a really beautiful and uplifting place and had fun as a family, Aniya just captured that as it unfolded. Life photo’s not studio photo’s. Perfect for us. She got some fab ones of me too, ones I am really happy to have on the wall.

My husband is a complete fan now and would happily do it again. I guess the only worry that come true, was my son was very camera shy and so ran away anytime he was aware of being in the lens. Aniya still managed to capture lots photo’s of him but there were many that he choose not to be in. She got many stunning photo’s of my daughter. Considering how difficult he was being she did amazingly.

The best part of the session was the whole session… no really, the whole session. It was really relaxed and fun and once I got over the paparazi feeling of someone taking photo’s of you whilst you hanged out / walked it was great. We had a lovely afternoon together as family, lots of joking around and exploring and enjoying the beauty of Barbados.
I had huge reservations about spending money on pro photos, I thought it was pretty expensive and really not sure if it was worth it. However I would do it again, in a heart beat. In fact I have just spent the day putting the photo’s into a photo book and it was such pleasure to do it. Some of the photo’s take my breath away. I feel extremely lucky to have Aniya shoot us a family and know we will enjoy the photo’s for years to come. I don’t regret a penny I spent on this. We have some amazing, beautiful photo’s of our family and of our kids and dogs and memories of Barbados, all beautifully captured. I only wish we had done it every year. Best money we have spent in a long while.
— The Passos Family