About Aniya


Howdy! Lovely to meet you! If we meet, I'd love to hear all about you- until then, here's a bit about me:

  • I'm a mommy to two girls (little women), Ella and Adi, two rescue furries, Ciccio and Napoleon, and wife to a pretty hot guy (who, bonus, is also my 2nd shooter). 
  • I love to dance, I am the first and last gal on the dance floor (can't speak to my rhythm, however).
  • I think tattoos are fabulous. They tell the story of our lives- I have six small ones, but I know I'll be getting more. 
  • I am not a fan of capital letters. 
  • I despise the word "spoiled."
  • My favorite movies are The Goonies, Ratatouille, and Love Actually. I have seen them at least 100 times (not kidding).
  • Not traveling and seeing the world is my biggest fear- that, and white lizards and frogs. 
  • I moved around a lot as a kid- all over Ontario, Canada to Newfoundland and back. As an adult, I lived in Irvine, California for a bit. Life changed on me, and I followed my heart, and my career, to Turin, Italy. It was the best time of my life. 
  • I am a trained criminologist with a law degree. I gave it up for a new path.
  • I have a soft spot for children and the elderly. Kids give us fantastic stories from their imagination, the older folks give us fantastic stories from their lives. 
  • I am a surfer- a stubborn longboarder who refuses to give up on my nine-footer.
  • I am a coffee guzzler. 
  • If I could live off of seafood (shrimp & lobster), I absolutely would. 
  • I think I am pretty funny. I have a knack for cracking up at my own jokes. I am a huge dork, and an even bigger goofball, you'll see. 
  • I sincerely think laughter is the best medicine, for absolutely everything. 

That's me in a nutshell. I cannot wait to laugh with you!

Stay Awesome, 
Aniya xx