Day in the life sessions

Day in the life sessions have always been a dream of mine. To document families, as they are, in their home, doing what they do, everyday. We seem to think that the only way to document our lives is to dress up and smile in front of the camera. There's so much more to your life. The early morning wake up songs, the snuggles, breakfast craziness, reading together, exploring together, teaching and learning from each other. Your family is so beautifully unique. I can give you a million reasons why a day in the life session is so important. I'd rather you read it from on of my dear clients. 

Dear Aniya,
There are really not enough words to express how touching and meaningful your “day in the life” session with us was. But I’m going to try….
For about 3 years now I have Facebook and website stalked your work. Every blog entry, every portfolio pic made me wish that one day I would be blessed to have a photo session with you. “Photographers” are a dime a dozen, but you my friend are a gifted artist. Not only do your images project a technical command of the art form, but you are able to majestically intertwine the all-important “emotion” and “soul” into your work. This is what makes you stand out among the many.

Needless to say when you posted your “families wanted” offer, I jumped at it, and through some amazing stroke of luck, you picked us. Wow! (insert angels singing here). But after speaking to you about specifically what it was you wanted to capture in the session, the doubts started to surface…….not doubts about you…….. doubts about me. Here I was dreaming about a beautiful family photo session on a tranquil beach somewhere; me with my makeup and dress on point and my hair gently blowing in the breeze; surrounded by my perfectly coiffed children and husband; holding hands strolling down the sand.But in reality you were asking me to open up my home to you at 6am, bra-less, makeup free, bed head and all, and give you free access to what our “real life” looks like. What!?!?! OH HELL!!

All of my insecurities arose about my messy house, my outdated kitchen, my less than “picture perfect” life. There was no way!! You were asking to come behind the public façade and capture reality. For an introvert like myself, totally outside of my comfort zone. But after a couple of days I sat myself down and said “self, you’ve wanted to work with Aniya forever, and if this is the opportunity that fate has given you, as uncomfortable as it may seem, just embrace it. You never know what will happen.”

Holy crow! I am so happy that I did!

From the time you arrived and we first “met” at sunrise, to when we said our “goodbyes” after dark, there was such a “happiness” having you there. Your warm heart and friendly spirit just made us feel so comfortable. It was like you were an old friend who never judged based on the outside, but could see way deeper than the public face. My children embraced you with such warmth, like you were family! All of my doubts just disappeared, because I knew that if there was someone who could record the beauty of my “imperfect” and crazy-ass life, it was you! And then you sent the pics. Holy crow! What an avalanche of emotion!

After watching for the first time…the insecurities about no bra, no makeup, the cellulite, the marks on the wall, the double chins, etc all surfaced. But then I watched for a second, third and fourth time, and it was like peeling back the layers of an onion. Off with the fickle, thin skin, and now I’m blessed to see the “heart” of my life. What a gift it is that you have given to me.

I see so many things…… my children’s laughter and love for one another; how much love I have for them and them for me (I’m sure every mother has their doubts at times); the beauty of Nutella stains on her lips, and morning breath hugs from him; how special those kisses goodbye really are; how amazing my husband is with children and the special bond that exists between them; how crazy-awesome Jacob’s right foot is; how beautiful and goofy Sienna is; how important time spent being in the present is.No matter how long your day was, how tired you utterly exhausted you feel......those last few minutes before they go to sleep are the most precious.

There is so much more I could say, but I’m sure as time passes and you get to take part in more of these sessions you will come to realize and appreciate just how amazing you truly are. You bring your gift of capturing the heart of “real life” to others, which in turn allows us to understand what is truly important in this journey called “life”.

Thank you, from the bottom of my and my family’s heart!

Your friend always,