Be a dreamer, follow the "somewhere else".

I've always considered myself a dreamer. That person who would put their hands to their chin and stare out the window - yep, that was me. As a child, I spent so much time thinking - thinking about something else, didn't matter what that "else" was, I was never in the present - I was always somewhere else. 

I had no clue what to do with "the somewhere else". That question of, what do you want to be when you grow up forever stumped me. Um, "dude, I have NO clue," was what I always wanted to say. Instead, I went for something more streamlined. Creativity, I didn't realize, was up for the taking when it came to careers. 

Day dreaming isn't for lost souls. It's for souls who yearn for the different, who seek adventure, who gulp inspiration, who smile at the "what if's", who create scenarios for their life, and actively plot how to make it happen. They believe. 

I urge my kids never to take things for what they are. I let them know they are super heroes. Ella has the longest legs in the world - she's Elastagirl who can travel the world in a night. Ohh, the things she's seen :-) Adi loves the sea, and at night, when everyone is sleeping, she turns into a mermaid and swims the ocean and high seas. With age, they believe me less and less, and it breaks my heart. No matter how old they get, I want them to believe. And yes, believe in the impossible.. 

Because once you dream and you believe, nothing ever is. 

Stay awesome,
Aniya, xx