30 minutes in the life, September 2016

I'd never been seriously fishing before, but in the last couple months, I've had this urge to catch what I eat. I know, it sounds totally barbaric, but I think it's worse to catch, maim and release it back into the water partially damaged. I'm a firm believer of respecting nature, and honoring the life that's been given to you for food. In comes the fishing. 

My sister and her family fish like there's no tomorrow. I mean, her boys are CRAZY fishers. They do awesome dances when they feel the fish bite and can stay on the water for hours. Yes, hours. 

They go out with probably the most amazing fisherman I've met - Shaun Sandiford (you can find him here ). Patient, fun, caring - pretty much any awesome adjective you can think of, it's all handed to Shaun. Fantastic guy. So we asked to tag along. 

We knew we were going to be out for a few hours, and I'm not stranger to sea sickness. Spending so much time sailing through the Grenadines, and most of that time with my head over the side of the boat puking, I was really apprehensive about this fishing venture I'd been so gung ho about. 

It was nothing short of spectacular. 

We had two catches - tunas, 19 and 16 pounds. Not bad. We think Ella caught a sailfish, but can't be sure as it mauled the bait, and the hook and got away. 

It was one of those good days. 

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