Day in the life family documentary sessions.

If you've made it this far, you're pretty awesome, well done! Just a few more steps to complete the process :-) 


Aniya, of Life Photography by Aniya will be documenting your family for a total period of 6 hours. This does not necessarily mean it will be 6 consecutive hours. The dates and times will be discussed to reach a mutually agreeable time. 
The portfolio building family documentary sessions are free of charge.
The session will start in your home and will go wherever your activities lead you.
You will receive between 80 – 100 high resolution digital JPG files roughly three - four weeks after the session with full personal printing rights.
You agree that the photographer may use any and all images created during this documentary session on my online and print portfolio, on social media, for samples online and in print, marketing material online and print, in exhibits, competitions, and for educational material.

QUESTIONNAIRE: Please copy and paste the following questions into an email along with your answers and send to with the subject: DOCUMENTARY FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY

1. Please provide the names and ages of everyone in your family (including pets!)

2. Describe your kids' super powers. (Ex: My eldest has superlong legs. Her superpower is that she can stretch over anything, like Elsatagirl! My other daughter loves the ocean, so at night she turns into a mermaid and can swim to the corners of the world - can you tell I love make believe?)

3. Your home address:

4. Please provide a list of any extracurricular activities your kids do after school, (and times). 

5. Why are you interested in having your awesome family documented by me?

6. Do you agree to the terms above?

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate your interest in this new type of family photo session. Documenting your everyday is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences I have had in my career. Thank you for allowing me in. 

Thanks again, good luck, and here's to documenting your fabulous family! 

Stay Awesome,
Aniya, xx