Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot: The Andrade's, Cattlewash, Barbados

When their little peanut came into the world, we went over to their house and photographed the changes a new family makes in the first 10 days of a newborn’s life. We walked in the door, and there was a sense of calm, of peace.. It was so all encompassing – something you don’t feel everyday. And then strolled in Garri – their sweet furry that carried with her a tranquility that resonated with me immediately.
This family of four was so special.

Fast forward in life. They were moving back to the UK – everyone was going, including Garri, and they wanted the memories of the birth place of their little girl, and the rock they’ve loved and called home for years. The morning of our session, I got the news that their beloved Garri passed away in the wee hours of the day. My heart broke in a million pieces for them. We called off the session, and I let them know that I would clear my schedule for them, if and when they wanted to go ahead. With mere days before they headed off, we confirmed.

They wanted to have a memorial for Garri, and I was honored that I was going to be there for it, and capture it.

In my job, I get to meet so many people, it’s truly amazing. But when I connect with people like this family, who are so genuine, so kind spirited, so loving, I realize just how lucky I really am.

Garri is up there watching your every move, and with you guys always.

Thank you for giving me the honor of photographing this day for you, and for her.

Stay Awesome,
Aniya, xx