Lifestyle Family Photo Session: The Murphy's, Sandy Lane Beach Barbados

When I walked into their home, I felt the crazy energy - you know, the kind that you're waiting for. And then this little, beautiful girl ran down the stairs: "Hi Aniya!" She remembered me from our Skype Meeting, and she was just as charming virtually, as she was in real life. "Do you want to see my art?" OHHH YAH.. 

It didn't stop there. Her older brother, is probably one of the sweetest boys I've been lucky enough to meet. Shy at first, suddenly busing out of the shell to show me his newly gapped-toothed mouth as he lost some teeth, his high jumps on the trampoline, and his killer tennis swings. 

And then there was the baby brother - who literally, sat back, didn't say a peep, and just took it all in. 

This family seriously rocked my world. They are off on new adventures to the Netherlands, but one last crazy day on their beach at Sandy Lane can't hurt right? NO WAY!

Stay Awesome,
Aniya, xx