Lifestyle Family Photo Session: The Kerwin Family, Atlantis Hotel Barbados

This mom has the most beautiful spirit I have ever seen in anyone, and my heart bleeds that I wasn’t able to connect with her on a much deeper level before they went off to a new adventure in the UK.

But today, was good enough for me. To be able to spend an afternoon in this absolutely stunning location was maybe more cathartic for me than anyone else! As I breathed in the salt water air next to the beautiful Atlantis Hotelon the east coast of the island, I felt such peace and joy with these four. From the beginning, there was pure love, laughs, life, and quiet moments.

I don’t think words can express what this session did for my soul, but I know for sure it was this beautiful mom that lit something in me.

Thank you for this, and for allowing me into your family. I will forever cherish this day.

Stay Awesome,
Aniya, xx