Wedding simplicity

There’s nothing more beautiful than simplicity.

I’ve seen (and had) weddings where things go crazy, get out of control, families fight over money, guests lists, alcohol, the cake, the menu – and not to mention the photography: pages of poses, the must have shots – in this tornado of completely unnecessary “stuff” (in the end, it is just stuff ), what’s really important gets totally neglected.


They eloped. Didn’t tell anyone. Guests list? There were 6 guests! Pose list? “Capture us how we are – no poses please”. I loved them from the get go.
They never lost sight of what this was all about – him and her – and that’s it, and it was the most was breathtaking wedding I’ve been to.

To add to the utter beauty of this wedding, was that my great friend and amazing UK based photographer, Elizabeth Hardwick of My Shooting Stars Photography agreed to take time off her holidays in Barbados to photograph day with me. (check out her fab work HERE). It was the first time i’d worked with someone else, and all I can say, is thank you Liz.. I cannot wait to do this again – we made one hell of a team.

When did weddings get crazy out of control? The simplicity of this day was so elegant, so serene, so beautiful.

Cheers to you my friends! You done good! 

Big Hugs,

Stay Awesome
Aniya, xx