Moon Reach Villa Barbados Lifestyle Family Session: The Bergstrom Family

We connected online because we shared an immense amount of love for the same movies – the Goonies and Love Actually.

We connected in person because their hearts were so dang big and warm. We had their session at Moon Reach Villa on the West Coast, and I couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous setting.

With everyone I meet, I walk away with something. Whether it is a life lesson, the patience parents have for their kids, I’m constantly growing and evolving with each session.

Today, a beautiful lady told me that when she married her sweetheart at the age of 25, she said “Imagine us in the year 2015! Oh my goodness!”. And here they are. Celebrating their anniversary on this island with 10 of the most important people in their lives.

I didn’t have to ask what the secret was. I just had to watch them..

Thank you for letting me in to your lives. It was truly an honor.

Aniya, xx