Fisher Pot Barbados Lifestyle Family Session: The Roberts Family

I photograph a ton of families, and with each one I meet, I feel so honored to have been welcomed into their lives. This family was particularly special. There was something electric about them. Perhaps it was that from the moment we met, each member of this fabulous family had a smile on their face. Maybe it was their willingness to do just about anything. Maybe it was their connection that the little girls had with each other – even though they were cousins, they acted like sisters.

Perhaps it was just.. them.

Everything is about their family: from their amazing travel agency that I use ALL the time, DESTINATIONS UNLIMITED here in Barbados, to probably one of THE COOLEST Bar & Restaurants on this island, BLAKEY’S – that just happens to be in THE coolest spot, yep, the South Coast Boardwalk! Both sisters, just happen to be seriously successful entrepreneurs. Kerri has her own marketing firm,THIS AND THAT BAJAN, while Janine is one of the best make up artists out there! You can email her at

When I met them for their viewing appointment, we all gathered around the computer to watch their images. We laughed (a lot) and I firmly believe there were some tears although when called out on it, no one admitted it!

This family is truly one of the best. Good people.

Thank you so much for letting me into your lives, for letting me document this day, this memory, that will forever be etched in stone through these images.

Much love,
Aniya, xx