Bathsheba Barbados Lifestyle Family Session: The Vido Family

There’s nothing better as an artist when you meet someone who just gets you. Square format? Check! Black and white images only? Check!

But there’s more. This family was just dead cool. Down to earth, up for pretty much anything – which was actually not much because they just exuded this amazing energy from the beginning to the end. To say they made my job easy is an understatement. It was truly like an afternoon hanging out with friends, and one chick (me) happened to have her camera with her.

This is what I live for.

These wonderful people are about to embark on a new adventure heading off to the great white north. I wish them every success, every joy, every piece of goodness that this earth has to offer, because they deserve it.

Cheers Guys! Here’s to hoping we meet again soon.

Stay Awesome,
Aniya, xx